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Uplift is how we named the blends we made with mint essential oils and limonene terpene (which is the terpene extracted from citrus rinds). With this mixture, you will be able to elevate or improve your mood and energy.

Our Uplift products are ideal and known for the variety of health benefits including hormone regulation, circulation, killing bacteria, improving complexion, and easing anxiety. It is available in two kinds of tinctures: THC-Free and Full Spectrum. This is because of the properties that can be found in each product.

Those that are called THC-Free, are only formulated with CBD oil (which is the short way to say Cannabidiols) and help control minor pain and slight calmness to bring relief for specific minor symptoms. The others are drafted with Full-Spectrum hemp oil, which means that contains all of the cannabinoids (molecules) that are found in the cannabis plant rather than just CBD. It contains vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, etc.

Full-spectrum products are deep correlated with the “entourage effect” that refers to the capability of a group of different cannabinoids has, working synergistically. CBD isolate is good for a cannabis user that has minor problems due to its blend of natural ingredients without a trace of THC. But you will find many more benefits if you consume Full-spectrum hemp oil.

Here at Viridian Extracts, we are committed to create and bring a variety of options to our clients, in order to satisfy all its needs.

Find quick alleviation with our Full Spectrum and CBD (THC-Free) tincture in a convenient dropper bottle. Pure and natural, this tincture provides fast relief of your symptoms without any added chemicals or dyes. The way you can use it is mixing with juice or in a smoothie, or take it straight under your tongue. So however you choose to use it, our 100% natural tincture is sure to work wonders for your overall health and wellbeing.

We also offer Tinctures in Inspire and Relax. Take the chance to overcome your health issues and receive the energy you need with a natural alternative. Read the frequently asked questions.

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