Relax THC Free Extra Strength Tincture – 2500mg


Find quick relief with our CBD Tincture in a convenient dropper bottle. Pure and natural, this tincture provides fast relief of your symptoms without any added chemicals or dyes. Take one serving size in the morning and take one additional serving throughout the day or before bed as needed.

size: 30ml

  • MCT
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Linalool


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THC Free Tintcure

While the demand for full-spectrum hemp extract products is on the rise, many patients remain hesitant to incorporate CBD into their treatment plan because of the presence of the naturally-low level of THC. Viridian Extracts is thrilled to offer a THC Free option to those who have this concern. Derived from premium whole flower hemp and cultivated without harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, this product contains CBD isolate and a blend of healthy, natural ingredients… without a trace of THC.

Ideal For

  • Retired military
  • Competing athletes
  • Sports organizations
  • Participants in substance abuse programs
  • Pilots
  • First responders – such as firefighters, police officers and EMTs
  • Anyone who may be subject to a drug test through their employer


Relax Blend

Calm the body and mind in a stressful moment or take a load off at the end of the day with one of our Relax varieties. These include lavender extract and linalool (found in lavender and other flowers). Linalool is known to ease anxiety, relax the body and mind, and is slightly sedative.

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  • MCT Oil
  • Hemp Extract
  • Linalool